Certax Accounting (St Albans District) Ltd


How we help you build a business that is bigger than you

Structure my business so it helps me achieve my long and short term goals

Structuring your business to minimise tax liabilities

Keep more of your hard earned money to enjoy or invest. Make sure your business structure allows you to achieve your personal business goals.

Sustainable growth planning

Growth done well takes time, focus and cash. We help your business and financial affairs grow as planned.

Safeguard wealth for today, tomorrow and future generations

We help you structure your affairs to keep more of the money in your business and personal accounts rather than HMRCs.

Business and strategic planning

We will help you put together your goals and the big moves to achieve these.

Strategic financial advice

We become your outsourced finance director. This can mean presenting to investors, attending board meetings, and ad hoc financial advice and projects.

Utilise your pension to invest

We can help you (legally) use your pension fund now, rather than waiting until you are 55/57 to release this investment. Utilising specialised pensions including SIPS and SSAS.

Maximise the current and future income from my property business

Property tax consultancy

We will help you structure your property portfolio and business affairs to minimise tax liabilities and maximise the money you have available to you.

Put my property portfolio into a business

Working with your current accountant we can make your property portfolio more tax efficient and avoid tax on interest and capital gains rebasing.

Long term property portfolio planning

We will work together to put a long term plan in place to maximise all the sources of personal and business income available to you. Then, we will help you make sure that this income is used to achieve your financial goals in 10-20 years time.

Allow me to take the right decisions at the right time in my property business


We will help you secure the funding you need for your next property purchase or deal. This can be sourcing financing (bridging loans, commercial mortgages etc) or producing the reports to gain the finance.

Investment appraisal

Go into a property deal with the full facts and knowledge of the yield and return on your investment.

Investors relief

If you need investors to complete your property development, we will ensure that both you and them do not fall foul of HMRC’s rules. (This will guarantee no unexpected large tax bills!).

Increase the profit from my business

Revenue review

Let us show you which 20% of your business is responsible for 80% of your profit, and how you can eliminate the parts of your business or property portfolio which are not performing.

Margin review

Any fool can generate revenue. With us by your side, we will make sure the revenue you make is profitable.

Overheads review

Let us analyse your business and identify opportunities to reduce your variable and fixed costs without harming your reputation or service levels.

R&D tax credits

We can make sure that if you can claim these that you do and enjoy the tax savings.

Make sure I have enough cash to achieve my personal and business goals

Cash flow forecasting

Sleep soundly at night knowing you always have access to the cash you need, when you need it.

Funding options

Property and growing businesses need an injection of money from time to time. We will help you understand the options available to you.

Access to finance

We will do the plans and financial modelling to help you access finance at the lowest cost.

Credit control

Our polite but firm team will ensure you get the money you are owed.

Supplier payments

We will manage your creditors in order to preserve your cash for when you need it.

Financial modelling

Know whether the ‘good deal’ put in front of you is truly a good deal. And whether you have the funds to allow you to proceed.

Take the financial admin off me so I can focus on growing my business or property portfolio

Virtual finance office

We will become your finance team. Payroll, bookkeeping, management accounts… we can do this for you.

Keeping your property business legal

Running a property business means you have a separate manual of rules, tax regulations, specialist VAT property rules, and tax returns, e.g. ATED returns. We will make sure you never fall foul of the revenue.

Management accounts

Always have the correct up-to-date numbers and KPIs to confidently take the decisions needed in your business.

Year end accounts

We will put these together and file them for you.

Personal and corporation tax returns

We will complete these, but also give you proactive advice on how to reduce your personal and business tax liabilities.


We will run your payroll and keep you legal with your pay and auto-enrolment obligations.

VAT returns

We will prepare all your VAT returns including VAT MOSS, VAT clawback and make sure you are charging VAT for the right things.

Registered offices

Registered office address for your company and mail handling.


Always have up-to-date figures to base your decisions on when we do your books.