Certax Accounting (St Albans District) Ltd

Property developers

Let us do your paperwork and forecasting so you can get on with growing your business

We know you need the paperwork doing…

Starting with the paperwork is not really exciting is it? But we know, unless all of your financial records are in order, there is a massive risk that a hefty financial penalty is on its way.

Perhaps you don’t have the cash flow to complete your current project? And, without your books up to date, there is no way you can put together a forecast which will allow you to make meaningful decisions about your next project.

When we start working with you, the first thing we do is take away this headache. Once the books are straight, we will work collaboratively with you to make sure your business is completely legal and put in place reliable cash and profit-based forecasts and budgets. This means you can get on and do more of what you love; growing your property empire and seeking out the next development to invest in.

Ditch these fears…

We’ve worked with countless property developers and have found that they have 5 main fears:


Getting it wrong and having HMRC coming after them, particularly with VAT and the CIS scheme.


Falling foul of property tax law, particularly in regards to whether you sell or rent out your new build or newly bought properties.


Being able to secure short-term finance, particularly with the banks being less reluctant to lend.


ATED returns, and whether or not you need to fill one in this year.


Spiralling interest rates on development finance.

...and gain these freedoms

If the above sounds more than vaguely familiar, don’t worry, you are not alone. Many of our property developer clients have been or are in that same exact position – how do you think we got this list of worries and fears in the first place?

Whatever fears you may have as a property developer, we will work closely with you to break through any barriers holding you back. From having the cash to fuel your development projects, and peace of mind to know that you are not going to have a difficult conversation or high tax from HMRC.

So how do we do it?

Why work with us? How can we help you?

Our key promises to you


We will help you move your business from being a job with an uncertain paycheck each month to a business where you get paid regardless of the hours you personally put in.


We will put more cash in your pocket, without working harder and within 3 months, if you follow our advice.


We will always be at the end of the phone and the clock won’t be ticking. We much prefer to give you peace of mind rather than earning an extra pound or two.


Our detailed tax knowledge will save you at least your annual fees each year. (And often it is much more…)


You will see us as a fellow property developer and investor (who just happens to also do your accounts, books and tax). We give you practical advice on ‘how to make the most of your property investments’ such as structuring them to make them more tax and profit-efficient.