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We could bore you about our qualifications and our accreditations, about our expert knowledge and our specialisms…but we won’t. What we want to focus on is the benefits for you because that’s all that matters.

So, what's in it for you and why choose us?

Well, we don’t have a market-leading first-class service for nothing. 

Something we consider vital is that we spend a lot of time with all of our clients, getting to know their business and their needs. We develop a very close relationship with them. No one is just a number and no one gets palmed off onto a clueless junior with us – that’s a guarantee.

We can say this with a staggering amount of confidence because working alongside our clients and creating strong relationships with them is our passion.

Knowing the ins and outs of their business and being an integral part of their operations is what gets us out of bed every morning. 

We’re not a “pile ’em high, sell ’em cheap” type of firm. We actually care about the advice that we give and the outcome of that advice. 

We’d even go as far as saying that we are just as invested in your business as you are.

Our key promises to you


First and foremost, we will help you move your business from being a job with an uncertain paycheck each month to a business where you get paid regardless of the hours you personally put in.


We will put more cash in your pocket, without working harder and within 3 months, if you follow our advice.


Whenever needed, we will always be at the end of the phone and the clock won’t be ticking. We much prefer to give you peace of mind rather than earning an extra pound or two.


Our detailed tax knowledge will save you at least your annual fees each year. (And often it is much more…)


As our client, you will become a part of our family-orientated culture. This means we’ll do everything in our power to help guide you and your business to a better future, the future that you’ve always wanted.

Meet Zee Razaq

ACMA/CGMA, Managing Director

Read any accountancy firm website and you will read the words, “we are not your normal accountant”. With me, Zee, that’s actually true.

Growing up as a second generational Pakistani in the UK, I know exactly what it is like to have the odds stacked against you. When my father died, it became my responsibility to look after my mother and 4 sisters. That meant, instead of starting my own business in my early 20s, I qualified as an accountant and went to work with big household brands such as Mothercare and Santander. After all, paying for my younger sisters to get married (as is the custom in my community) is an expensive undertaking! 

I’ve always had a passion to grow a business which becomes bigger than me, something which will help me provide for my growing family now and for generations to come. This is still a fire that burns within me too and that’s why I want to help others to do the same. I was written off at school by the majority of my teachers and told “I would never amount to anything” so this is where my drive comes from: I am determined that my children have a different start in life to me.

Zee Razaq ACMA CGMA, Managing Director

Zee Razaq, ACMA/CGMA, Managing Director

Zee Razaq ACMA CGMA, Managing Director

Zee Razaq, ACMA/CGMA, Managing Director

More about Zee

Managing Director, ACMA/CGMA

Despite what my academic record at school may have said, I have always had a thirst for knowledge – and then how to use this knowledge. This thirst is now being quenched by my own personal journey into the property world. I am always spending an hour or two here identifying how to leverage my own money to grow a property portfolio. I then use what I have learnt with my own property business to help my clients grow a business and property portfolio. 

As my clients will testify, when it comes to property and tax, I am a mine of information. Not only can I make what seems like a very dry subject actually interesting, but you’ll have difficulty shutting me up when I get passionate talking about your business and what can be done to make it better. For a number of my clients I act as a Finance Director (i.e. high-level business advisor). If this becomes you, you can rest easy that myself and the team are supporting you to achieve your lifestyle and financial goals.

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Operations Director

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Assistant Accountant

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