Certax Accounting (St Albans District) Ltd


How much would you pay to get the future you want?

Imagine running the business of your dreams and being able to take time off, no problem.

Imagine having such a hold of your finances, that you can easily make decisions and implement the right action to grow your business.

Imagine knowing exactly how to make the most of your investments and how to extract more profit out of your property portfolio.

We can bore you about our qualifications and our accreditations, about our expert knowledge and our specialisms…but we won’t. What we want to focus on is the benefits for you because that’s all that matters.

We’d say it’s pretty priceless.

“Boost your property potential” session


While you can’t put a price on your future or the freedom you will get from growing a business that is bigger than you, we believe that you can put a price on value. And that is what you can gain now (heaps of it, in fact). To help you get there (to the future that you want), we offer an invaluable 60-minute session to kickstart your journey to the top.

Main benefits of the session include:

A tailored strategy...

…to help you maximise your wealth and value of your property profile.

Answers to your specific tax questions...

…such as ‘should we put our property purchases through a limited company?’ and ‘will an SPV help me?’

Actionable take-aways...

…you’ll receive a full report of what was discussed with detailed actions to help achieve your financial goals with your property portfolio.

What else is guaranteed?

If you book this session with us, we will guarantee that:


The tax advice we give to you will be tailored to your personal circumstances and you can take the report to your own accountant for them to implement.


If we don’t help you at least make more than what you spend on this session, we will give you your money back.


All the tax strategies we recommend we can either implement through us or our trusted network.


Everything we recommend is seen to be legal and ethical.


We give you a bespoke custom quote after having a consultation to understand your needs.

Typical tax strategies we recommend in this session:

We work WITH you

Every business and business owner is different. Every landlord and portfolio is unique. We know this and we factor this into our service.

Our goal is to work with you to make your business and your future what you want it to be, so reach out to us. We will tailor our packages to give you the value that you want and need.