Certax Accounting (St Albans District) Ltd

How we work with you: Property clients

We see our clients as very much an extension of our own family and this is why we take on a different approach to how our property-related clients start to work with us.

Many of our clients initially come to us for our deep knowledge of tax for property investors and developers. Then, over time, becoming a client for so much more than tax such as having us as their outsourced finance department and accounts department.

Typically, most of our property clients come on this journey with us:

Step 1

Book a short call with us to see whether we are a good fit for your property-related business

Step 2

Complete a ‘Boost your property potential’ session to answer your specific tax questions and identify a strategy and action plan to achieve your financial goals

Step 3

Engage us as your accountant and advisor to assist you to implement your strategy and action plan

What is involved with a ‘Boost your property potential’ session?

This is where the magic really happens. Where we put our encyclopedic knowledge of the property tax rules and regulations to work on your behalf. Before the session, we’ll ask you to send us all the background information we need to know to attend this 60-minute session fully prepared. The cost of this session is £400. 

After the session with us, you will come away inspired and excited, as you will have:

A tailored strategy to help you maximise your wealth and value of your property profile.

Answers to your specific tax questions, such as ‘should we put our property purchases through a limited company?’ and ‘will an SPV help me?’.

A full report of what was discussed with detailed actions to help achieve your financial goals with your property portfolio.

Our guarantee for your ‘Boost your property potential’ session:


The tax advice we give to you will be tailored to your personal circumstances and you can take the report to your own accountant for them to implement


If we don’t help you at least make more than what you spend on this session, we will give you your money back


All the tax strategies we recommend we can either implement through us or our trusted network


Everything we recommend is seen to be legal and ethical

What tax strategies are you likely to recommend for me in my ‘Boost your property potential’ session?

All of our clients have different timelines and aspirations for what they want to achieve with their property business. What is fair to say, is that every single one of them wants their property business to give them financial freedom at some point in the future. As a result, the tax strategies and actions we recommend in this session are personalised to your personal situation.

There is a good chance we are likely to talk about and answer your questions in the session on these topics: