Certax Accounting (St Albans District) Ltd

Property investment businesses

Create a business that is bigger than you

What on earth are we talking about?

Many of our clients would have, what the layperson would call, a normal small business. In addition, they may have (or want to have) an investment business. Often, what happens, is that this extra business is often property-focused. Whether the first property rental or through to investing in a property development scheme, this is our bread and butter work.

At a very simple level, we love helping our business owner clients to diversify their revenue to have more than one source of income. After all, if your main business struggles or you become unwell, you always want something to fall back on. That’s where we come in. We can support you to:

Use your main business to start a property-focused business

Add in an investment business

Leverage your tax bill to fund another business

Use a SSAS pension scheme

This stuff can seem complicated, so if you want to know more, press to watch the video below. Here I explain the different ways to leverage your main business into something which can earn you money while you sleep.

Who do we actually work with?

We work with small business owners who are keen to grow something bigger than themselves. Our first conversations with you will help plan and plot out the next 5-20 years so you can exit your business on your terms. This normally means growing your business and alongside this an investment business (typically property).

Our perfect picture has you having at least 3 income streams so you are always financially secure; money from your business, money from investments and money from your pension scheme. We are a great believer that you can never have too many baskets to put your eggs in. 

We’ve worked with numerous business owners and we’ve found some common themes when it comes to their fears and worries. Such as:

Gain these freedoms

If the above makes you experience some sort of déjà-vu, don’t worry, you are not alone. How do you think we got this list of worries in the first place?

This is where we come in. We work with business owners to help them break through these barriers so that they can breathe while their business grows around them. To put it simply, we help them gain the two freedoms that they want:


Cash, and;


Peace of mind.

Would you like to be able to sleep at night without worrying about what needs to be done? Do you want to build a business that allows you to know you are building up independent sources of revenue to make sure you are always financially free?

Why work with us? How can we help you?

Our key promises to you


We will help you move your business from being a job with an uncertain paycheck each month to a business where you get paid regardless of the hours you personally put in.


We will put more cash in your pocket, without working harder and within 3 months, if you follow our advice.


We will always be at the end of the phone and the clock won’t be ticking. We much prefer to give you peace of mind rather than earning an extra pound or two.


Our detailed tax knowledge will save you at least your annual fees each year. (And often it is much more…)


As our client, you will become a part of our family-orientated culture. This means we’ll do everything in our power to help guide you and your business to a better future, the future that you’ve always wanted.