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Property Graduate – Episode 1

In this episode of Property Graduate, the applicants are interviewed by John Howard, a well-known property developer and investor, where he is joined by Kirsty Parkins and Fiona Talbot who have vast experience in property and finance. The journey to become Property Graduate is split into three stages: the interview, the challenge and the deal. Out of the 14 contenders that go through the interview process, there will only be 1 winner.

What does the winner receive? The chance to form a property company with John and to be given 50% of the shares.

In Property Graduate episode 1, we get to meet the first 6 applicants. We join them for their interviews from John, Kirsty & Fiona, based on the CVs they submitted, and put on the spot as to why they should be considered to have the title as the Property Graduate 2023.

Property Graduate Episode 1 | Certax Accounting proudly sponsored Property Graduate 2023.

Don’t miss the rest of the episodes to see who wins Property Graduate 2023.

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