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Affinity – Construction event at the House of Lords

Welcome, for the first time ever, to the Affinity – Construction event at the House of Lords! In this special episode Zee is at the Houses Of Parliment taking exclusive interviews with some of the organisers the hon. Richard Evans, Dave Forde and many more familiar faces. Talks on a variety of topics at a loveky venue! St Albans Property Network vlog 2nd November 2023

In this episode, Zee speaks to a variety of well-known, successful entrepeneurs on how they strategise what they do and furthermore, how to maximise profits while minimising risks. Secondly to watch this video now in full, you can simply click here or click the image above to be sent directly to our youtube page.

We hope you enjoyed the Affinity – Construction event at the House of Lords. If you did, be sure to check out our other vlogs and we’ll see you next time. Lastly, don’t forget to pop over and say hi if you ever catch us there!

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