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Baker Street property meet 22/02/23

Baker Street property meet 22/02/23

Follow Zee around the Baker street property meet 22/02/23, and see exactly how the day unfolded! There was a few surprises this time, including the very young and talented Ashkay! We had a lot of fun this month.

Watch the journey from picking up our VIP tickets, (which Zee was very excited about!) to chatting with other experts, and watching Ranjan and Andrew give their expert perspectives on where they think the Property Market is going.

Zee’s favourite part of the day is always meeting with fellow entrepreneurs and sharing knowledge amongst each other. There’s aways something new to learn from the people there, and we also hope that we leave having helped others as well.

You can catch the latest episodes on our YouTube channel here: Certax Accounting St Albans or check out more content on our website: Helpful resources

We are always open for a chat, so if you ever bump into Zee during the event be sure to say hi! You might even end up featuring in our next blog! (Assuming you’re happy to, of course). If you have any questions Zee will also be happy to answer those, as he loves providing value to fellow entrepreneurs. Don’t be shy!

The Baker street property meet is a hugely valuable event. It’s packed with knowledgeable individuals happy to offer their advice and experiences. If you haven’t been before – whether a property professional or complete novice, we highly recommend it!

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Thank you for your continuous support, it really does mean a lot to us here at Certax St Albans.

We hope to see you again next time!

Alfie W | Digital marketing assistant

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