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Property Question Time season 5 episode 10 with Carly Jermyn & Zee Razaq

This episode of Property Question Time features Carly Jermyn alongside our MD Zee Razaq!

The current economic climate is tough. Surviving in these tougher times was one of the key focuses covered this episode. In a time where Banks are being more careful with what they lend and interest is skyrocketing, Zee and Carly do their best to answer some of the public’s questions, as well as offering their expert advice where possible.

The four topics covered in this episode are:

00:46 – Increase in resistance from lenders financing buy-to-let and residential developments

05:31 – Placing cautions on property to secure debts from homeowners

12:33 – Adding your children to your development company, and the tax effects it will have

18:13 – Repurposing land registry to cover all relevant information and reports

For those unaware, Property Question Time is a show on Sky Property TV. It involves a panel of experts who get together to answer property related questions from the public.

It’s a fantastic program as it allows for you to get advice from leading experts in various fields, such as Carly Jermyn who is a Property Litigation solicitor and Zee, our MD, an expert in Property taxation, accounting and SSAS pensions. There’s always a huge amount of value – and not to mention some really interesting debates.

If you would like to submit a question of your own, you can do so here: Property Question Time | Property TV

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