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Are you a victim of abuse of power from banks like Barclays?

Zee recently found himself a victim of the bank. This video will show you how to defend yourself against abuse of power from banks such as Barclays. Raising awareness on these issues is so important and many others are being taken advantage of too. If you have a question yourself, just drop us a comment on the video as we’d love to hear from you.

Are you a victim of abuse of power from banks like Barclays?

Zee recently fell victim to an act of abuse of power from Barclays, after they cut his credit limit by 75% with no prior warning. Worse still, he was abroad when it happened so had no way of dealing with the situation and wasn’t even aware it had happened.

In this video, we show exactly how you should deal with this situation, should it ever happen to you. Having worked in the banking sector himself, Zee has a good amount of knowledge when it comes to dealing with banks. Unfortunately, most people don’t, and they’re the people who will suffer most when banks make these moves.

Hopefully this video will help you understand how you can manage and deal with the situation, and hopefully get it resolved before it causes major problems.

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