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Baker street property meet 28/05/23

Welcome once again to our monthly Baker street meet vlog! We have a super exciting episode this time, packed full of some familiar faces. Of course, Zee gets his traditional run down of the event from Andrew Roberts, and although we didn’t manage to chat with Ranjan this time around, those of you with a keen eye will see him in the background throughout the video!

We also managed to chat with Sean Land, who you may recognise if you’ve seen our podcast, Next Level Finance. In addition, we met the duo that is the venture room. Zee was delighted to film alongside some fellow content creators and give some value. One of the speakers from the event, Saif Derzi, also came over to chat and gave some great bits of advice regarding property auctions. And of course, last but not least, we spoke to Sam H, property director and developer who gave us a little update on his own journey and had a fantastic question for Zee.

We hope you enjoyed this baker street meet vlog. We’ll see you next time. Don’t forget to pop over and say hi if you ever catch us!

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