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How to buy and lease commercial property – the RIGHT way: Coffee with Zee 19

If you’re looking to buy or lease a commercial property, this video could save you from any dire mistakes. Zee breaks down the RIGHT way to buy property whilst keeping your tax’s as efficient as they can possibly be.

How to successfully and safely buy property

In this video Zee thoroughly explains how you can buy and lease your commercial property in the most beneficial and safest way that you can. Its not worth losing sleep over poorly managed funds or properties, so definitely don’t miss out on this video. For some tips and inside knowledge on helping your business to the maximum, this video will have helpful insights. Either click the question or image above to be sent directly over to our video!

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That’s it for Zee’s tips today on commercial property. We hope you enjoy these Q&A style videos . There are currently a number of them up on YouTube right now. (alongside a lot of other helpful content like our podcast and baker street meets) It’s a great way to get up/and stay up to date with the latest news in property and business. Whilst also learning plenty of tips and knowledge about a variety of subjects that might just help you and you’re business. You can listen to our podcasts anytime, for example whilst you are at work or simply watch them in full at home. If you have any questions don’t forget to leave a comment and we’ll be sure to reply to you as soon as possible.

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