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Property Question Time season 5 episode 16 with John Howard & Zee Razaq

This episode of Property Question Time features our MD Zee Razaq and the legendary John Howard!

This episode has a heavy focus on the tax and politics side of things, with some really interesting questions revolving around cost of living and property abroad.

The four topics covered in this episode are:

00:59 – How to deal with increasing fuel costs and economic heating solutions?

08:44 – What costs are tax-deductible when it comes to property development?

13:07 – Will the government levelling up funds actually help local economy?

18:57 – Income tax on property abroad in a UK company: who gets the money?

For those unaware, Property Question Time is a show on Sky Property TV. It involves a panel of experts who get together to answer property related questions from the public.

It’s a fantastic program as it allows for you to get advice from leading experts in various fields, for example John Howard, who is renowned in the property business. Zee, our MD, has also made regular appearances and is an expert in Property taxation, accounting and SSAS pensions. There’s a tonne of value packed into each episode, but there’s often some interesting debates too. The questions always focus on the latest and greatest property news. Which of course means you can get relevant advice and tips whenever you tune in.

If you would like to submit a question of your own, you can do so here: Property Question Time | Property TV

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