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Loveweds Jewellers – Video tour with Zee Razaq

Today Zee talks with Mitchel Barres, owner of Loveweds jewellers. This is a bit of a special episode as Mitchel shows Zee around his store, and talks about what sets his business apart for those looking to buy jewellery.

Tour of Loveweds jewellers with Mitchell

Zee gets shown around Loveweds, a small jewellery shop on the Harpenden high street. Alongside Mitchel he talks through prices, quality and what makes Loveweds such a unique shop. We also drop in some tips and tricks on how to fully market your business to the max, and take inspiration from what Mitchel has done. It’s a bit different from our usual content so we hope you enjoy it!

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That’s it for Zee’s shop tour – we hope you found this slightly different video useful. There’s currently a number of episodes of Coffee with Zee already up on YouTube (alongside a lot of other helpful content like our podcast). It’s a great way to get up to date with the latest news in property and business. You can listen while you work or simply watch it in full.

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