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Round table Q&A: SSAS London October 2023

Zee is back for SSAS London October 2023 with another vlog! This time we’re mixing things up with a special “round table” style Q&A. See Zee do a deep dive, 1 on 1 with a group of amazing people. If you’re looking to set up a SSAS, we highly recommend you check this video out.

We’re back for SSAS London October 2023! In this month’s episode, Zee speaks to a variety of entrepreneurs, both people new to the game and those who are experts in their field. We hope this video helps you broaden your knowledge around SSAS pensions, as well as helps prepare you for setting up your own.

We hope found our rundown of SSAS London October 2023 useful. If you did, be sure to check out our other SSAS videos and we’ll see you next time. Oh, and don’t forget to pop over and say hi if you ever catch us there!

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