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This secret tax could be KILLING your business! What is ATED?

Did you know you could be at risk of being hit by a secret tax? It’s called ATED, and if you want to learn more, Zee explains everything in the video below. If you have any questions, drop us a comment as we’d love to hear from you!

Video guide: Coffee with Zee episode 20

Every business owner will know how hard it is to understand the ever changing tax laws. That’s why Zee is here to break down everything there is to know about ATED, as well as how you might be eligible for reliefs.

But please; don’t try setting anything up without professional advice. We want the best for your business, so get an expert to help.

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Hopefully you now know a little more about ATED, and are ready to put a plan in place to help save you from paying unnecessary tax. We can’t stress this enough, but PLEASE, get specialist advice. As with any tax, the rules will change depending on your own situation. It’s a complex area, but that’s why people like us are here to help.

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