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St Albans Property Network Vlog 5th October 2023

We are at a new location, the Beech House for the St Albans for the property Network vlog. There, Zee met up with Julie Ford and Craig Shepheard. They’ve organised and ran the Property Network event for over 13 years. Zee is also joined by Aimee and Jordan who are both property entrepreneurs, where he asks about what strategies they use and how they are successful. He also spoke with Lina and Joel- who shared details of their journey so far as property entrepreneurs, and what they hope to achieve in the future.

We hope you enjoyed this video on the St Albans Property Network event. It was our first time visiting, so if you enjoyed it and would like to see more, please let us know! There are plenty more videos you can check out, from tax savings to property strategies. If you need further assistance, drop us a comment or get in touch.

If you’re into property, you might be interested in our Podcast – it’s a great way to get up to date with the latest news in property and business. You can listen while you work or simply watch it in full.

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