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How to save corporation/income tax on ANY commercial property: Coffee with Zee 21

The main focus of this video is on how you could save lots of corporation/income tax. Furthermore, also cover why its essential to get advice early on, especially if you’re new to the game. Lastly, if you have a question yourself, just drop us a comment on the video. We’ll either answer it there or maybe even feature it in an upcoming episode.

Video guide: Coffee with Zee episode 20

Question 1: What capital allowances affect property?

Every business owner will know how hard it is to get their strategy right. Zee breaks down the importance of a good advisor and how you can save lots!

Question 2: What are the different types of structures when buying?

A seemingly simple question with a large number of implications. Don’t get caught out here – Zee explains why this is a bit of a trick question.

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That’s it for how to optimumly save corporation/income tax. We hope you enjoy these Q&A style videos, furthermore we currently have a number of them up on YouTube. (alongside a lot of other helpful content like our podcast). It’s a great way to get up to date with the latest news in property and business. You can listen while you work or simply watch it in full here!

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