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Grow your Business for success- Coffee with Zee: Episode 10

How can you grow your business? In this episode of coffee with Zee, we answer some more of those niggling questions. Don’t forget that if you have a question you’d like answering, drop us a comment on the video and we’ll try and feature it in an upcoming episode.

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Question 1: How do I grow my business?

Although it may seem like a broad question, Zee believes there are some key essential points that any business needs to survive and grow. It’s also something a lot of people struggle with, and quite often it’s because they haven’t considered one of these areas!

Question 2: How do I pull money from my business?

So you’ve spent all this time investing in your business, accumulating money. When the time comes however, do you know how to actually pull this money out? A lot of people don’t, and if you do it wrong you can get in a lot of trouble when it comes to taxes. Don’t lose your hard earned cash; get it right the first time around.

Question 3: Why do I need a group structure?

You’ve probably heard the term thrown around quite a bit. “Group structure”. But what is it and why do YOU need one? Well, Zee’s summed it up here – and highlighted some of the key reasons it can change your business for the better.

Question 4: How do I use substantial share exemption?

A bit more of a technical question, but one we get asked a lot. If it’s something you’ve been asking yourself lately, we’ve got the answer right here. Don’t get it wrong and don’t take the risk- we’re here to help.

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