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VAT, Mortgages & Trusts- Coffee with Zee: Episode 11

The big topics today are VAT, Mortgages & Trusts. Don’t forget that we can answer any questions you might have, just drop us a comment on the video. We’ll either answer it there or maybe even feature it in an upcoming episode.

Video guide:

Question 1: Can I own a bicycle in my business?

We’re starting off with quite a specific question, but one that gets asked a surprising amount. A lot of business owners cycle to work, and of course having it within the business can have some significant benefits. There are some things to be aware of however, so be sure to watch the video!

Question 2: What happens if I exit a discretionary trust with property in?

When dealing with things like discretionary trusts, you might feel a little overwhelmed. There’s a lot to think about, especially when it comes to exiting one. Of course there’s a number of tax implications, which is why Zee wanted to cover this question.

Question 3: What is the rate of VAT on new-build property?

This is another question we get asked a lot. You might think it has a seemingly simple answer. However, as Zee explains in the video, there’s actually two parts; developers and investors. It does matter what you intend to use the property for so do check the video!

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That’s it for VAT mortgages & trusts. We hope you enjoy these Q&A style videos. There’s currently have a number of them up on YouTube. (alongside a lot of other helpful content like our podcast) It’s a great way to get up to date with the latest news in property and business. You can listen while you work or simply watch it in full.

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