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Coffee with Zee – Episode 4: Technology

Why is technology becoming so important in the world of business? Zee explains his thoughts on the fast growing technology a lot of businesses now depend on, and why they are essential for your business too.

Video transcript:

Hi, welcome to episode four of coffee with Zee! Four? It’s crazy, crazy! So I’m Josh and I’m here with the main man himself, Zee!

Nice to have you here, Josh always great and as you’ve mentioned; number four. Crazy and I’m telling you I can feel these getting to a hundred very quickly.

So we’re going to speak about Zee’s LinkedIn post – he had a beautiful picture of him and his boys, I think it’s adorable – they are adorable.

Thank you Josh – the old WhatsApp call, yeah the sort of theme is the technology aspect uh and I think it sort of gets onto what your wanted to ask me.

Yeah. So the main theme around this post was technology and I just wanted to ask you, why do you think technology’s becoming so important in the world and in business? I think we use technology all the time now and because it’s becoming so critical it’s it’s such an important enabler in business I’m using the word enabler because it enables you to do things quicker; more efficiently. So now we use technology for financial systems I mentioned xero and Dext for example, we use zoom to have conversations, in fact we’re using technology right now to speak to you. Use it, embrace it. Don’t be scared by it. And that’s what i was talking about in my post uh and that was the key bit i was trying to get out.

Mm. So, with technology how… what kind of technology do you think’s coming to your field and do you have you had any struggles when dealing with that type of technology?

That’s a great question, Josh. When you do something new, and clients as well as ourselves, we have to learn to change the way we do stuff. That’s always a struggle because we’re so used to doing things in a certain way, we get comfortable and convenient but we have to change when it’s going to save you time. Technology has saved us in this time. Also, how we communicate to clients – I can now jump on my computer via xero because it’s in the cloud, have a chat with people with their numbers without them physically having to be here, or bring their laptop in or be able to see the same thing I’m seeing.

That’s right.

And the crazy thing is we can do it via zoom if they want to still see me. Yeah that is crazy so how has that benefited your company in particular? It’s helped me and the team so much because it’s helped us to be able to scale, which I go on about, but also has made it efficient and also people now can take photos pictures of their receipts. It’s crazy. And then we can actually get that information so we don’t have it that the dog ate the receipt, so loads of stuff is getting taken out so i think technology is huge. Embrace it, I’m a huge fan.

Okay, so I’m just going to pull you back out a little bit, what did you mean about scale and how have you managed to scale using technology?

So if you go the old way was actually doing paperwork. It takes longer to process. It’s not efficient. Now we can get a client taking a picture that information, it ends up in Dext for example, in financial systems we then can review it, put it into their xero account and they got copy of the receipt. So whether they keep it or not, we’ve got a copy so they’re protected. So that’s how it’s helped our businesses and ourselves, and help the team be more efficient about adding value by having talked to the client rather than spend ages processing their receipts.

That’s perfect. As always I apologize but that’s all we’ve got time for today Zee, amazing having you here.

Thank you and we will see you in episode five.

Thank you for watching.

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