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Coffee with Zee – Episode 5: Content

What do I do when I run out of ideas? Zee talks about how he keeps his mind fresh and flowing with new content and ideas, and how you can get yourself into that mindset.

Video transcript:

Hi, welcome to coffee with Zee, I’m Josh and this is episode five. I’ve got the man himself, Zee! Thank you for having me.

Hi Josh, always a pleasure, and I just can’t believe the numbers it’s crazy!

I know, mad! So today we’re going to be talking about what happens when you’ve got a little bit of a brain… clog, shall I say? What can you do when you haven’t got any ideas coming along?

Do you know what that is the number one question people ask me when they’re trying to communicate and create content and everything else, but they don’t realize. Being a business owner, right? You’ve got a huge amount of content, because you solve problems. If you’re providing services generally, uh to clients, you’re having to solve some type of problem. That’s content. There’s other people having the same problem. They need you to help them, so you talk about that. And when you talk about that in your marketing material, uh or how you communicate to clients how you may solve their problems, that’s content.

No, that’s good.

And then I think we take it a step further. I think you were about to ask me, about personal.

Mm, yeah.

And when you have changes in your personal life as well, these are relevant to your business. Because if you have not got a happy medium you’re going to struggle, so the solutions you find both personally and for your business life will have a compound benefit to your business and the people that you speak to.

What’s the best way you feel like is… What’s the best way you feel like it’s the… What kind of things do you use when you do have them kind of brain clogs? You know, no ideas at all. Do you know, I mean, like what’s your process? Do you sit there, do you write down ideas until nothing else comes out? Or do you you know they sit there thinking of coffee? I know you man, you’re a Costa! What do you do?

Uh, really good point! Um, you should probably see me round here when I’m doing my posts and then I could talk – we have a chat about them as I’ll be doing them. I’m not making them from experience because, more people I speak to, I’m such… so privileged and humbled that I speak to entrepreneurs every day, and I’m trying to understand from them, and that gives me so much information. And ultimately, you are the content. So, worst case scenario if you can’t think of anything, think about what you’re going to do.

What do you do, yeah.

And how you’re dealing with stuff. And no one alive has not solved a problem, you know? You have to do that as soon as the day you’re born.

Yeah basically.

Yeah so I think that’s really useful.

No it is, 100 percent. So lastly we’ve got a little bit of a tax tip for anyone that’s not seen your post. Could you just let them know what the tax tip is?

The tax tip was my picture with me with some great food.

Oh, yeah I saw that food. Looked nice!

Yeah, that’s my mum’s food actually, because my wife’s visiting, away at her mum’s home at the moment, so I’ve been very fortunate and humbled once again to get some great food. And my tax tip was, to uh, clients who got canteens on site, uh, or create food or produce food for their employees – as long as it’s done on site, it’s actually fully tax deductible. And I don’t mean get rich style, but getting something that could be quite nice for everybody else and you can share that without any issues. And it’s a, as I said no credit employee tax which is benefit in kind – i.e. employer or employee income tax.

Oh, that’s very good to know. I’m sure the audience will put that to use. All right that’s all we’ve got time for, as always a sad moment, but we’ll be back for episode six soon enough.

Thanks to you for coming.

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