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Coffee with Zee – Episode 6: Investment

Why is it so important to make investments? In episode 6 of Coffee with Zee, he goes over the importance of investment – not just in your business but also in yourself.

Video transcript:

Hi welcome to episode six of coffee with Zee, I’m Josh and I’m here with the man, himself Zee! Nice to have you here.

Hi Josh always a pleasure, loving it.

Thank you. So your LinkedIn post. First thing I’ll say is, squatting – you’re a crazy man!

Oof. Do you know what?

The legs!

I like I bet you’re feeling it today!

Yeah! Oh and you know it’s been so long since doing it but you know I can’t movtivated by the LinkedIn family and I thought, do you know something? I’m gonna do some squats. I didn’t go heavy like I did in my youth, and you know I’m still in my prime for a few more years and you have to take it easy. But it’s really good for posture, um, because we sit in the office all the time on the chair and we’re leaning forward. You’re doing all this different stuff.

Mm, hurts your back, that.

So the squats were good but I’m feeling my hamstrings today and hopefully I can get up after this!

So today we’re going to be talking about investment but not just about how you invest your money we’re going to be talking about everything around investment so Zee, would you be able to expand on that?

So the post, I went quite deep into this and I was trying to explain to people. I was in the Squat and I was trying to explain to people it’s not about just picking weight up, and that burden on your shoulders. It’s about how do you hold it or hold it still on your shoulders when you’re running businesses. Because businesses are not easy to run. You have to invest in yourself, number one. Invest in your knowledge and whatever you’re going to provide as a goods or services around that then you have to invest in relationships. Then you have to invest in how you’re going to communicate this to everybody then you have to invest in your life, personally. I’ve talked about a lot of Investments there both time and money when I talk about investments personally and I want to spend a few seconds here, people don’t realize that we are people, funnily enough. If we’re not happy bunnies in our personal life it makes the whole business investment not worth it. So please, please take a big tip, and something I have to always challenge myself, (Yas my wife might think differently) is around investing time in the important stuff, and getting that balance.

How do you feel like you find the balance in your personal life, and work life?

It’s challenging. It’s challenging. Because I have to invest in being a leader, that was another one I was talking about, trying to talk to certain people like yourself, the rest of the team, motivate them. All the challenges you guys face I have to think about those as well. That’s what the difference would be in entrepreneurial leadership – you have to think about everything, because you wear all these different hats. But by learning and keep on investing – you don’t get it always right – that way you can spread it. That’s what I was trying to talk about, and that’s how you can- you can’t have the weight always on you it doesn’t matter who you are if you want to grow your business be successful and be a happy bunny and get my drift on that, you have to learn how to spread, uh, the weight across your team.

That’s very insightful. My last question is just, on… so is there anything you feel like you should be, as a business owner, yourself, an entrepreneur, is there anything you feel like you should be investing more so than another person? Like, what’s your priorities? How do you prioritize?

That is an amazing question. I think it goes down to one of the points I made. For me one of the things I’ve accelerated my growth, and I’m constantly doing is investing in people who are Best in Class. A. being a good business advisor, a coach or a mentor, or someone who can add knowledge to my journey, which is going to accelerate my learning. Because you can learn it yourself but if you want to spend five, ten years trying to learn something that you’re going to learn in about a month or two months, by learning from someone else who’s down the road, then it’s a worth the investment. That’s what we call ‘return on investment’ and a ‘return on intellect’ I.E knowledge.

That’s amazing very insightful. I’m sure the audience enjoyed it. Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve got time for today, but we’ll be back with you of episode seven I think.

It’s gone so quickly!

Thank you for coming and we’ll see you next time.

Always a pleasure.

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